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Why 5 Feng Shui Masters

Why study with more than one Classical Feng Shui Master?

I have been asked why I chose to study with more than one master. Did I not like the first one? Did the second and third or even fourth tell me the same information as the first? What could I learn from more classes on the same subject? Do I just like to waste time and money?

What would be the motivation for traveling to the far corners of the Earth to pursue knowledge from more than one person on a subject as complex as True Classical Feng Shui?

Most students find one Master and stay with them. They are comfortable with the content and style they teach. Some students venture out and study with two or even three Masters. So why did I choose 6?

I am curious by nature and an environmental engineer by education and training prior to studying Classical Feng Shui or as I know refer to it as True Classical Feng Shui. I see and understand the world in a different way than most. I was trained to look at how our environments impact us from a pure physics perspective, cause and effect long before I studied Feng Shui. The fact that our environments have an impact on our health was a common fact to me. I knew that our environment could cause cancer, and other illnesses, create comfort or discomfort and so on.

However, what I did not know was the profound effect the practice of True Classical Feng Shui could have on other aspects of our lives. I wanted all the information I could get on the subject that changed peoples’ lives for the better.

I was a complete novice when I received my first invitation to take an introductory class with a Master I took it with great enthusiasm. I was such a neophyte. I had no idea there were different schools, thoughts or practices of Feng Shui. All I knew was there was a subject that involved the use of physics and its impact on the way people thought, acted and the way their bodies responded to their environment in a way I had not understood before. The subject of Feng Shui intrigued me and I wanted to know more. That class that led to a journey that has led to great happiness and success in my life, the life of my husband and my clients on many levels. My life turned completely around with the practice of True Classical Feng Shui.

The first Master I chose to study with taught the mechanics of True Classical Feng Shui. Grand Master Jes Lim was great at explaining Feng Shui from a scientific and practical approach. He explained how the various aspects of an environment impacted the way people reacted, how they thought, their health, their relationships and so much more. He taught about the various frequencies of the Earth, not just compass directions, and gave practical examples, instruction and solutions to very real situations that most would over look as modern architecture or design. He went deep into the unseen influences of our environments and their impact on every aspect of daily life. He showed me how to see an environment for its true influence, not just appearances and formulae.

He triggered my desire for more knowledge and understanding of the Ancient practice that recognized the physics of our planet, Earth, and it’s influence on our behavior, health, success and more and set about to harness it to better the lives of those who practiced it.

I was quite enthusiastic and began practicing True Classical Feng Shui immediately in my own life. Each class I learned more and implemented it as much as possible. I learned quickly that there are so many variables in the application of True Classical Feng Shui and that not all I had learned could be applied to my situation. I needed to practice on other situations. And at the urging of Grand Master Lim, I asked others if I could practice on their environments at no charge, as I was still a novice and had no real practical experience. I analyzed 50 properties as a student I found the accuracy of application of what I was taught to be astounding! I knew then that there was so much more to the subject of True Classical Feng Shui than I had ever thought.

I wanted to understand how it worked on a deeper level.

So, when a conference was scheduled in Innsbruck, Austria and I had a chance to learn more, I went. It was a game changer for me. I was exposed to so much more than I expected Feng Shui to be.

I listened to Masters who specialized in various aspects of True Classical Feng Shui. Of course, a subject as intricate as True Classical Feng Shui would have advanced studies, and specialties, just as any subject does. I just did not realize that until I attended the conference.

As with any subject, Feng Shui has the general basic information that is the foundation, then as you take higher level studies it branches out to more specific advanced aspects of the subject.

The fact that the Masters who spoke at the conference all shared the same foundation then went on to share their specific advanced knowledge intrigued me. I realized that each brought a different specific aspect of Feng Shui to their practice and I wanted to know them all. Afterall, if I was going to practice Feng Shui I wanted to have all the tools in my tool box I could find.

I wanted to know it all.

During that conference I realized the Grand Master Lim’s specialty was the understanding of the physics of True Classical Feng Shui and its practical application. He was the best teacher I could have had for a foundation of what True Classical Feng Shui is, the physics behind it and how to analyze a space based on the physics involved, not what appeared to be happening. I am grateful to him for all the knowledge he shared with me. No other Master I studied with covered much of what I learned from Grand Master Lim.

I later asked other Masters that I studied with if what Grand Master Lim taught was accurate and each agreed that it was in fact correct. However, they felt that their specialty was also important and more in line with their personal interest.

I chose to study with the Masters I encountered at the conference in Austria. I found them to be amazing teachers. Each with their specialty.

I also attended a conference in Orlando, where I listened to even more Masters. It was another awe-inspiring event. I listened to His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun who taught a completely different school of Feng Shui from the Feng Shui I had studied, as well as other Masters in both True Classical Feng Shui and Western or Black Hat Feng Shui. I learned so much more about the subject I had fallen in love with.

Based on what I learned at that conference I chose to study with even more Masters. I wanted to be able to help my clients in every aspect of their environment, not just the Earth energies or compass directions. I wanted a complete understanding of their environments, from an energetic perspective.

I also learned of another Master from other students. She only took on what is referred to as “indoor” students. Students who she felt were worthy of her knowledge. Of course, I chose to study with her as well.

As I took the courses from different Masters, I discovered that they all taught the same basic introductory information, but with a twist to set the foundation of their own specialty. The advanced classes and certification is where the differences between the Masters really became apparent. Each specialty was worth the time and effort to pursue. After all I wanted it all.

It was all time well spent. The monetary investment has been recuperated in ways I could never explain. My life and the lives of my clients have benefitted beyond any financial investment. I have seen situations that I would not have been capable of identifying as the root cause of a problem if I had studies with only one Master. However, because I studied with six Masters I have more knowledge and I am able to provide solutions that were never addressed by some of the Masters I studied with.

So, “Why did I choose to study with six Masters?” I wanted to be able to identify and resolve as many situations that may arise from out modern architecture, design and lifestyles as I possibly could.

I have been successful in doing so for many of my clients and for clients of other consultants. I have sat in many situations and known if I had not studied with the Master that addressed this circumstance the client would not benefit.

So, it was worth all the time and all the money😊!


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