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Classical Feng Shui impacts Brain Waves and the Mind Body connection through energy frequencies

The implementation of the principles of Real Classical Feng Shui helps you to tune into the frequencies that support you and thereby your goals in life. ALL of them. We have heard a great deal about our bodies frequencies, the mind body connection and how brain waves travel. Yet, there is a limited amount of knowledge on how our environments impact this connection.

You see our bodies operate at a set frequency. And our environments both natural and man made also operate at a set frequency and they are not always compatible. The frequency of our environments are not going to change without intervention. But our bodies frequency will adjust the longer it is in an environment. When you step into a new environment your body starts to respond. The response is sometimes subtle and we never notice it. Other times it is powerful and we feel emotions of joy, sadness, fear, whatever or discomfort or fear. Sometimes the response is quite strong but we brush it off as nothing because the visual the space is so inviting, or the marketing has convinced us that this is what we want or we are just stuck in a situation we have no control over.

No matter the reason for our environmental situation our bodies are adapting to it. The longer we are there the greater the impact. We can experience great success, love life, harmony and all the things we desire or things can just feel stagnant and we are unable to move forward. This is the most common experience I see. The worst is when everything is going wrong. You feel as though you are in a pit with no sunlight and the pit is caving in on you.

All of these are caused by the frequency of your space and whether it supports your frequency, reduces your frequency, blocks your frequency or actually conflicts with your frequency.

Feng Shui is as simple as identifying how compatible or incompatible your frequency and the frequency of your space, whether business or personal, are.

Identifying the frequency and the compatibility is the challenge. Identifying the frequencies and knowing how to enhance the positive and reduce and avoid the negative is not an easy task. It takes knowledge of Real Classical Feng Shui, all the formulae that relate to your situation and years of experience to discern how to identify what is really going on.

Real Classical Feng Shui has been around for more than 5,000 years and is based on the principle of the impact of invisible frequencies that most or us are not even aware are there. There are so many variants in an environment that need to be taken into consideration. No two spaces are the same whether on the same side of the street with the same floor plan. There are subtle variations to be considered. Things that can not be ascertained in a week long workshop, a book or the Internet.

True Real Classical Feng Shui is based on the physics of a space and the impact that specific physics has on your personal frequency and those that share your space. There is no substitute for Real Classical Feng Shui.


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