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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

It seems that the most used Internet search word associated with Feng Shui is bedroom. I can not for certainty say why. Maybe it is because bedrooms are associated with romance, or because people connect bedrooms with much needed sleep.

What ever the reason, I can tell you that bedrooms do have a huge impact on both the practice of Feng Shui and our human experience.

As a matter of fact the bedroom is one of the three major locations a Classical Feng Shui consultant will address during a consultation.

With that said what are some of the generic things that anyone can do to improve the energy of their bedroom?

1. Make sure the room is clear of clutter. Energy can not move in an environment that is clogged with items that are located in the wrong place or a space that has too many items preventing the all important Chi from circulating.

2. The bed should not be in front of the entrance door. The door is designed for ingress and egress and the Chi will flow in and out at all times. Even when the door is closed, it merely slows the flow of Chi, not stopping it. The body generates its own Chi while you are sleeping and the when that process is interrupted by a stream of Chi flowing from the environment it disrupts the bodies natural rhythm.

3. Do not place the bed on a wall that is shared with a toilet. The energy of the waste in the pipes will also disrupt your body's Chi's natural rhythm.

4. Windows are also an important consideration in bedrooms. Windows allow Chi to move as frequently as an open door. This also disturbs your body's Chi's natural rhythm causing the body to have to work harder to resist the impact of the environment's force.

5. Headboards are also a consideration. First, you should have one. I have been to many many residences where individuals do not have one. They are important to the protection of the crown Chakra and should be solid wood or upholstered.

These are just some of the considerations for bedrooms, maybe not even the most important, but certainly generic.

Since Feng Shui is not a generic technology that can be thoroughly practiced with out formal education it is impossible to provide more in depth information in this format.

I will however, continue to write about various aspects of Feng Shui for the novice:)

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