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Why 6 Grand Masters

Why Six Masters?

     I chose to study with the world's most renown Feng Shui Masters, Grand Masters acutally. It was and is my goal to offer my clients and sutdents the most comprehensive information available on the subject of Feng Shui. Like any scientist, each Grand Master has their favorite aspects of the subject of Feng Shui. They all pretty much share the same basic information, but each specializes in an aspect that they have researched and experimented with to to better understand the function, practice and results. There is only so much time to study a subject like Feng Shui, any subject acutally. So, each has chosen to focus on certain aspects of Feng Shui that interests them the most.

     It is my personality to research and have as much information as I can on any subject I am interested in. Feng Shui was no different. I wanted as many tools in my tool box as I could to not only bring my clients the most thorough analysis of their space but more options for resolving issues that may come up during the consultation. I also wanted to provide my students with the broadest scope of information available. 

Rochel & Grand Master Jes Lim 1998

Rochel & Grand Master Ken Lai

Rochel & Grand Master Raymond Lo

Rochel & Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai

Rochel & Master Peter Leung

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