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What is Feng Shui?

     Feng Shui, pronounced “Feng Shway” in the West, literally translates to wind and water and is a very powerful technology that when used correctly can increase beneficial energy in any given environment. 

      The true definition of Feng Shui has been distorted in the West by many well meaning but misinformed individuals. This, unfortunately, has caused much confusion among those attempting to understand and practice this powerful technology. The term Feng Shui has been referred to as a New Age Phenomena, a New Religion, Interior Design and even as a Fashion style or cooking technique! None of these are correct.      

Classical Feng Shui Grand Master Ken Lai and Rochel

Rochel and Master Ken Lai 2002

There are hundreds of books on the subject. Most of them are no more than the authors misinformed opinion of what Feng Shui is and how to practice it.    

     This has led to the practice of several versions of Feng Shui in the West, some being more productive than others. Classical Feng Shui, which has been practiced continuously for 5,000 years, is the most effective.

     The Western version, sometimes referred to as Black Hat or Western Feng Shui, requires intent and affirmations. Objects, such as three legged frogs, Chinese coins on a string, red tassles, and various other 

nick-knacks are placed in particular locations to remind you to focus, while affirmations are chanted to confirm the intent. While affirmations and focus do work, they require time and energy that may be in short supply. This is also not the true practice of Feng Shui.

How Does Feng Shui Work?

     Feng Shui is the study of how to identify environmental influences and manipulate their impact on humans. It is similar to the study of how to harness and manipulate radio waves for cell phones.

     Each cell phone emits an invisible frequency, or energy pattern, that is unique unto itself.  These frequencies occur naturally and are not altered, only identified and harnessed. If the phone receives a strong frequency the signal is good and we can talk on the phone. However, if the frequency is weak or another frequency interferes with it our phone will have static or may not work at all. Simply put, if our phones frequency is not being supported by external influences, i.e. cell towers; or if other external influences, i.e. incompatible cell towers are impacting them they will not work as intended or possibly will not work at all.

     The same is true of humans.

    We also operate off invisible frequencies that are unique to ourselves. Although we often take these frequencies for granted much like we do our cell phones today, these frequencies are what differentiate us from inanimate objects. They are what make us alive. Our frequencies are determined by the energy of the Earth in relationship to the Sun at the time of our birth and our sex.

    Just as cell phones, we function best when our natural energetic state is supported by environments and spaces with live, work and play in. We do not function well when inauspicious frequencies are created or amplified by our environments and spaces disrupt our natural energetic state causing dysfunction and mayhem.

     Unfortunately, many of us have learned to live with these disruptions and their negative influence.  As the static on a cell phone, our efforts are being short circuited and we have learned to just live with it.

      Each space, home, office, apartment, store, retail spot, condo or outdoor space shapes and impacts our natural energetic state for good or bad. 

    The practice of Classical Feng Shui addresses these energetic influences and identifies your unique frequency and your individual situation with methods that are formulated to harness positive influences and diminish the undesirable results.

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