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         Many of us live in a "do-it-yourself culture". We do our own taxes, remodeling projects and management of investment portfolios. Classical Feng Shui, can not be effectively practiced by a novice. It is a highly sophisticated technology that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to be performed correctly. Too many variables exist. There is no one size fits all. Remember we are dealing with INVISIBLE energy patterns.

        Homes with the exact same floor plan on the same side of the street will have features unique to them. These will not be obvious to the novice, however, a trained eye will be able to identify the subtle differences in the environments and surroundings of each. Even a few degrees in compass direction can make a big difference.

     There are different types of Consultations based on different needs. Consultations for an existing home are different than for renovations or new purchases. Commercial and residential buildings have different functions and characteristics, therefore, the consultations are conducted to produce different outcomes.

      A Classical Feng Shui analysis can be conducted on any place humans spend time. Homes, apartments, townhouses, condos, offices, retail spaces, buildings, developments, subdivisions, and government buildings can be scrutinized for their potential impact, negative or positive.

    Since every environment is unique, Classical Feng Shui consultations are customized to each space. 

     There is a fundamental structure to every consultation that includes a comprehensive review of the building’s interior and exterior, floor plan, the surroundings, the land plat, landscape, compass directions, surrounding land formations, roads, neighboring buildings and more(Some situations will require further investigation dependent on the situation and needs of the client.) The findings are reviewed and analyzed based on Classical Feng Shui principles. The results of the analysis are explained in detail and recommendations are made based on the individuals style and budget. Low to no cost solutions are recommended whenever possible.

What To Expect:

     I will:

  • Conduct a short interview.

  • Walk the grounds outside your home or business to analyze the surroundings.

  • Determine the orientation of the building.

  • Take exact magnetic compass readings.

  • Determine what are the best directions for the occupants.

  • Create an energy blueprint through mathematical calculations and draw it on the floor plan.

  • Walk through the home, office, building or store to review the interior and assure the floor plan is correct.

  • Review and analyze the findings based on Classical Feng Shui principles.

  • Once this is complete Rochel will explain her findings and provide recommendations.



     Remote consultations are not offered. A true Classical Feng Shui consultation can not be performed remotely. There are too many variables that have to be taken into consideration. Classical Feng Shui requires information about the space and environment that can only be obtained by a trained professional. Compass measurements must be accurate to provide an accurate analysis. Even one or two degrees can make a difference in the accuracy of the analysis. In addition exterior influences have a great impact on the space and must be taken into consideration and measured to determine their impact. Pictures are nice, however, they can be deceiving. They often do not show the true lay of the land or clearly identify other items that influence the energy of a space.

    Due to Covid I do wear a mask on ALL consultations.

Remote Consultations

Annual Updates

     Annual updates can be a way of staying on top of our environments. Life is not stagnate and neither are our environments. Family dynamics change, business goals change, lifestyles change. For these reasons and more some individuals prefer to have an update conducted annually to assure they are achieving the most from their environments. Clients return year after year so they can keep making things better and better. 


* Travel expenses may apply.

Email or call Rochel to schedule an appointment.


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Classical Feng Shui Consultations

Classical Feng Shui Consultant
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