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Is Your Destiny determined prior to birth...  

                                                or possibly at the exact moment?


    According to Ancient Chinese Scholars our Destiny IS predetermined at the moment we take our first breath, however, it is NOT set in stone.  It is only one of several factors that influence our total life experience....... The most important one!


    4 Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology as it is known in the West is more than Chinese fortune telling. It is the traditional science of studying Chinese Astrology as it dictates a person's Destiny.


    Knowing your Destiny provides you with beneficial advantages, like a blueprint for a building, our life's path is merely a plan.  Your career, marriage, family, health, finances, life cycles, personal traits and more are projected for your future.  Not in some Great Mystical Master plan but in the Frequencies created by the relationship between the Earth and the Sun at one's birth.  These frequencies change throughout the hours, days, months and years of each cycle.


    Think of the 21st of June Versus the 21 of December. The Frequency is quite different for these two days and each day in between. And Each month has its own Frequency as well. Staying with the same example, think of the entire month of June versus the entire month of December. You can easily see what I am talking about. And the hours of the day, 12 Noon versus 12 Midnight. Each hour, day, month and even year has its own energetic Frequency. And these Frequencies have cycles. It is the cycles that the Ancient Chinese scholars observed and documented to create what is now know as Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology.


    Your Destiny is determined by these energy cycles.  And the good part is, you have the option of CHANGING your response or re-action to potentially detrimental circumstances if you know what the clues are beforehand. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Or take advantage of potentially rewarding circumstances.


    If you Know what the Plan is, you can CHANGE the Plan for the Better. Imagine knowing that this is a good year to Invest in Real Estate or the Stock Market, Start a New Relationship, Conceive a Child, Move to a New Home, Start a New Business, Ask for a Promotion or Start a New Career. 


     Maybe it is a bad year to invest in anything or make any changes in your life for now.  This year could be as good as it gets or possibly you are just treading water until ???. 


     It may NOT be a good time to change jobs, get married, have elective surgery or ask for that promotion.


     What career best suits you? Do you have concerns about romance, marriage, health, and finances?  Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, the Ancient Chinese Art of Fortune Telling, may have these answers and more. 


     Would you take advantage of that information if you had it?


Many people around the world take advantage of information regarding their future from diverse sources.  Why not take advantage of information provided by YOUR personal Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology analysis?


4 Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology has the reputation of being the most authentic means of predicting an individual's Destiny, career prospects, health, individual personality, marriage, children and over all potential of one's life.


Analyzing the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Natal chart is intricate and requires both knowledge of Chinese Astrology and its relationship to Karma. After many years of analyzing charts Rochel has come to see them as a blue print or map of a person's life, future and Destiny. She advises on what action you should take during various phases or cycles of your life, what career path is best, your personal strengths and ones that need work in addition to other pertinent information that the chart holds.


What is Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology?

     The Ancient Chinese developed the Art of Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, also known by its traditional name BaZi, 3,000 years ago as a method for enhancing the life experience. As with so many Chinese inventions, they began with analysis and experimentation until they had formulae that could be replicated and interpreted with similar results.


     They recognized that each hour of the day has its own energy. For example 12Noon is very different from 12Midnight. 12Noon is very yang and full of life, while 12Midnight is very yin, quiet and still. Thereby each day has its own energy, June 21st is the longest day while December 21st is the shortest. And of course each month has an energy all its own as well. However, what is less obvious is that each year also has its own energy. The Earth tilts on its axis a few degrees each year, changing the influence of the Sun’s influence on the Earth.


     The Ancient scholars realized that there is a complex relationship between the Earth and Sun that is very powerful. Where the Earth is in relation to the Sun at the hour, day, month, year and location of your birth has a definitive impact on the energy field that surrounds you as you take your first breath and therefore Your Destiny.


     The Ancient Chinese depicted these complex energy patterns in the form of Eight Chinese characters (hence the name Ba, meaning 8, and Zi meaing characters) stacked on top of each other in the form of 4 Pillars. Each character represents a frequency, or energy pattern. And the combination of two characters illustrates their synergistic influence.


      Each character has it's own Frequency. The location of the character in the chart also contributes to the analysis of Your Destiny Chart. The total of eight characters make up the Natal Chart, the basis of your Destiny, and are made up your birth information. The Chinese Astrology chart in total tells the story of planetary between the Earth and the Sun and their influences on your birth date and therefore Your Destiny.


How Does Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Work?

Four Pillars of Destiny is a complex system of calculating information of your birth to and analyzing it determine future frequencies and their influence on you and your future.


     Ten Year Luck Pillars are determined based on the four pillars of the Natal chart. These cycles determine the energetic influence of your Destiny in Ten Year Cycles. Their frequencies are compared with and analyzed against the Natal Chart to establish what influence the ten year cycle with have on your Destiny. Career, education, relationships, finances, love, struggles and happiness and more are depicted in these cycles.


As with all the pillars the annual cosmic frequency is depicted by two Chinese characters stacked on top of each other. Each character represents vibrations that are characterized by one of the five elements of nature (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, or Wood). In addition to representing the two frequencies individually the Pillar represents the relationship of the two frequencies with each other. The location of the element in the Pillar, top or bottom, also indicates significant information. The Pillar is referred to as the Year Pillar.


     Although months are depicted much the same way as the years, determining the frequency of their cosmic chi is more complex. Two Chinese characters stacked on top of each other still create a Pillar that describes the cosmic frequency that is generated that month by the Earth’s relationship with the Sun. However, the month’s frequency is determined based on the year’s cosmic Chi and the cosmic Chi created by the Earth’s relationship to the Sun that particular month creating a distinct frequency for that month.


     The third Pillar of the Four Pillars of Destiny is the Day Pillar. Like the Year and Month Pillar the Day Pillar is composed of two Chinese characters that depict the cosmic Chi distinct to that day. The hour also has its own frequency which is depicted the same way as the year. When you put them all together, year, month, day and hour of birth, side by side you have four pillars of Chinese characters that indicate the person’s Natal chart of Destiny. 


What is a Natal Chart?

     The first breath a person takes assigns their Destiny. When you took your first breathe you inhaled the cosmic energy that was occurring at your birth location. Whatever frequency the Sun and Earth created at your specific location set the frequency of how your Destiny would unfold. This determined your Natal chart aspects.

The Natal Chart is the basic Four Pillars of eight Chinese characters and the map of the Cosmic frequencies at the time of your birth. It is the foundation of Four Pillars of Destiny chart. Every aspect of your Destiny relates to the Natal Four Pillars. It defines your basic Destiny providing insights into: relationships with parents, grandparents, spouse, children; career, personality traits, finances, and health.

What are Luck Pillars?

     Luck Pillars describe the ten year cycles of cosmic Chi derived from the Natal Four Pillars. These “Pillars” depict what the energy will be like for the individual for a specific 10 year period. This is very specific to the individual. Luck Pillars are based on the year a person is born and their sex. Analyzing the Ten Year Luck Pillar in combination with the Natal Chart provides great insight into the projected Destiny of an individual.

What is an Annual Pillar?

     Annual Pillars depict the frequency of any given year. The frequency of the year is also taken into consideration in a Four Pillars of Destiny analysis. How the frequency of the Year Pillar interacts with the frequencies of the Natal Chart and the Luck Pillars refines the interpretation of the individuals Destiny to the year in question.

Why Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology?    

Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology is very different from any other form of Astrology. Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology analyzes the impact of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth on human Experience. The complex interpretation considers planets that have the greatest impact on our physiology and thereby our lives.


     This system has proven very accurate for more than 4,000 years. It is truly the road map of your life.


What if I Don't Know My Time of Birth?

     Not to worry. A great deal of information can be obtained from the day, month and year. And the hour can be approximated based on various life experiences.

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