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What To Expect:

     I will:

  • Conduct a short interview. Obtain the personal information I will need to determine the best directions for all occupants.

  • Walk the grounds outside your home or business to analyze and evaluate the influence of the exterior surroundings.

  • Determine the orientation of the building.

  • Take exact magnetic compass readings with a Chinese compass, known as a Lo Pan

  • Create an "energy blueprint" based on Ancient Chinese formulae and draw it on the floor plan.

  • Walk through the home, office, building or store to review the interior and assure the floor plan is correct.

  • Review and analyze the findings based on Classical Feng Shui principles.

  • I will write notes on the floor plan and highlight in different colors for clairity. 

  • Once this is complete I will explain my findings and provide recommendations.

  • The recommendations will be written on the floor plan as well.

  • What Do I need to provide:

  • You will need a copy of your floor plan for your residence or business. The floor plan provided by your real estate agent or property manager will be fine. Please have it ready on the day. 

  • A floor plan drawn by an architect will work as well. Floor plans are best drawn to scale for better accuracy.

  • However, if you do not have professionally drawn plans which are to scale, then you can draw it yourself or I can draw it for you free hand. I have been consulting on floor plans for a nearly 20 years and can judge spacing well. So this will not be a problem.

  • How to draw your own floor plans

    • Please draw up your floor plans for each floor of your house. Do not draw each room on separate pieces of paper. I need to how the rooms connect and relate to each other on each floor. Please mark all doors, windows and toilets. If you cannot draw it accurately do not worry. Again I have been reading floor plans and working with them for nearly 20 years and can adapt to what you provide.

Email or call Rochel to schedule an appointment.


Call Rochel at

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