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 Welcome to my Web Site.

    I have filled it with information about Feng Shui, What it is, How it works, Why Classical and Why you would want to practice it. So, please feel free to browse around. If you don see the answer to your question please do not hesitate to call me at 404-589-0308.    I am a Classical Feng Shui consultant, certified by Five Masters of the Six Masters I have studied with. In my more than 20 years experience. my goal has been and continues to be to provide you with the most accurate analysis of your space available for the most profound results.    My approach to your space is very pragmatic. I conduct a comprehensive analysis of the energy of your space, whether it be a home, condo,

Classical Feng Shui Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai

Rochel and Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai 2001


apartment, retail space, commercial space, office or cubical.  

     All spaces can benefit from Classical Feng Shui as small changes to your space have a huge impact on your life. I evaluate every aspect of your space, inside and out for your ultimate benefit.  

Why Feng Shui?

"We shape our buildings,

and afterwards our buildings shape us"...Winston Churchill 

 A truer statement could not be said.

     Your surroundings exert a huge influence on your life. They affect your personal health, happiness and wealth and have a direct bearing on the opportunities that come to you.  If Feng Shui is practiced correctly it can be life changing.  The proper application of Feng Shui principles creates an environment with improved energy flow to support you and your goals. This can lead to an overall sense of well-being, better health, improved relationships and social life and increases

in professional success.

    We have all been in buildings that made us feel good. There was something about the place that just made us feel good. Then there have been buildings that make us feel bad or awkward, they are unpleasant and we can not wait to leave. They have all been designed by an architect with a function and style in mind, however, they did not take into consideration the hidden energy patterns that are generated by nature.        

     Everything on Earth, including Earth itself is made up of atoms and therefore, energy. Each has its own distinctive energy pattern. Some patterns are compatible, others are supportive of one another and still others are incompatible.      The study of Classical Feng Shui addresses these influences and directs us on methods to harness the positive and diminish the undesirable.

   Architects design buildings as works of art for us to enjoy, but they have little to no training on the actual influence those buildings will have on us as humans. They plan for the size, style and function. They do not consider how the building's invisible energy patterns will influence our physiology and therefore, our lives. My 20+ years as a Classical Feng Shui consultant has shown me how much influence energy patterns created by not only compass directions but also by the shape of buildings, the location of walls, the landscape and form of the land in addition to the dictation of room use, influence us in our everyday lives.

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