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Feng Shui for retail, office, corporate

Pre-Purchase or Lease Review Future Business


    The purchase of Real Estate or signing a long term lease is an investment and commitment that requires more than just considering square feet and function. Why leave it to chance? A Pre-Purchase/Lease Review can help you make an educated choice by providing an overall compatibility chart of the building in question based on Classical Feng Shui principles. 

     During this initial consultation I will review the land form of the property, the floor plan and compass direction of the building and share the best case scenarios based on this information .  Call Rochel to schedule an appointment at 404-589-0308.

What You Need To Provide:

    You will need to provide me with the address of the location. Other information required will be discussed when scheduling an appointment. 

Remote Consultations

     Remote consultations are not offered. A true Classical Feng Shui consultation can not be performed remotely. There are too many variables that have to be taken into consideration. Classical Feng Shui requires information about the space and environment that can only be obtained by a trained professional. Compass measurements must be accurate to provide an accurate analysis. Even one or two degrees can make a difference in the accuracy of the analysis. In addition exterior influences have a great impact on the space and must be taken into consideration and measured from the door. Pictures are nice, however, they can be deceiving. They often do not show the true lay of the land or clearly identify other items that influence the Feng Shui of a space.

    Due to Covid I do wear a mask on ALL consultations.

Email or call Rochel to schedule an appointment.


Call Rochel at

(404) 213-0839

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